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Love Island

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Love Island

Published 1950
Topics comedy, romance

A young Eva Gabor plays a Balinese woman in this romantic story filled with lovely locales. An American flyer stranded in Bali falls for the sarong-swathed Gabor, much to the chagrin of an island creep who blackmails Gabor by having her father arrested on false charges.

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Run time 1:01:42
Producer Hall Shelton
Production Company Elliott-Shelton Films Inc.
Audio/Visual sound, b&w


Paul Valentine .... Lt. Richard Taber
Eva Gabor .... Sarna
Malcolm Lee Beggs .... Uraka, Sarna's suitor
Frank McNellis .... Aryuna, Sarna's father
Dean Norton .... Tamor, Sarna's friend
Kathryn Chang .... Klepon
Bruno Wick .... Ninga
Richard W. Shankland .... Fumanku, high priest
Howard Blaine .... Capt. Blake
Vicki Marsden .... Stewardess


Reviewer: Spuzz - favoritefavoritefavorite - May 1, 2006
Subject: Not exactly South Pacific!
An American gets stranded on an island full of the most laughably un-native natives you will ever see or hear. Paul Valentine starts as Richard Taber, a pilot who has crashed onto an island called Tubakara or whatever. English translation: Love Island! He falls head over heels over one of the native girls there played by Eva Gabor (!!!) but must fight for her from other white-men-playing-savage-beasts on the island. Realizing that this thin thin plot wont last for an hour, the filmmakers have also handily put in marriage customs (I think) of Other Lands for time-padding purposes. The end result is a bloody mess. Stilted acting, silly fight sequences, and laughable love scenes.. and oh yes, Taber SINGS in this too, makes for a less-then-hooty time.
Reviewer: jimelena - favorite - December 19, 2005
Subject: Comedy?
There isn't much comedy in this romance. And precious little romance. In fact, I don't get it.
I like pointless movies but this one abuses the privilege.
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